1. Be thorough with the syllabus: It is important that you know which topics are included in the SBI PO syllabus. Once you have an idea about the syllabus, you can plan your SBI Clerk preparation accordingly. You must also remember that certain topics are more important than others. This means you have to spend more time on them in order to achieve mastery over them.
  2. Good Reading Skills: Some sections like General Awareness requires a thorough knowledge of all the latest affairs and events. Students should also read newspapers like The Hindu and current affairs for bank exams month wise in order to increase the knowledge. These Tips to prepare SBI PO 2018 examination will help a lot.
  3. Keep on Practicing: As we know “practice makes a man perfect”, right?. Practice enough to have a vast knowledge of the topics. Revise each and every topic by practising more and more questions and mock tests. Cover all the different questions just to strengthen your base.
  4. Create a realistic timetable: Now that you have an idea about the syllabus, you have to create a timetable and stick to it. Allocate time-based on your strengths and weaknesses, i.e. spend more time on subjects/topics you are weak at. If your Numerical Ability is weak, spend more time solving numerical questions. Having a smart and realistic timetable will make your SBI PO preparation easier.
  5. Understand the concepts and the theory properly: Rather than learning the shortcuts to solve a problem, it is important that you understand the related concepts and theories first. This is very important for sections like Numerical Ability (or Quantitative Aptitude) and Reasoning Ability. Once that is achieved, you can learn the shortcuts. Your SBI PO preparation must not have any loopholes or gaps. For English Language section, learning the theory, i.e. the basic grammatical rules is very crucial.
  6. Study Material: Candidates must collect all the study material for preparation like Books like Arihant publications, Syllabus, Practice Papers, Notes, etc. Constantly keeping up with the topic will produce more doubts and thus it will ultimately clear your concepts.
  7. Careful While Attempting Questions: This is just the most crucial step as it will determine your final marks. First of all go through the question carefully and then answer with utmost care and observation. Read it carefully don’t miss the mentioned “NOT” in the question.
  8. Improve your time management skills: High level of accuracy alone cannot guarantee a high score. Accuracy alone cannot get you high scores. You need to have accuracy and speed as well. So, your SBI PO preparation must look after your time management skills as well. There must be a balance between speed and accuracy. Once the basics are cleared, try to solve practice questions in a time-bound manner. If you are spending more time on a particular question, you must revise and learn the related concepts.
  9. Revise regularly: Like any other exams, SBI PO too needs regular revision. Otherwise, you will forget what you have learned. Allocate 2 hours daily for revision.
  10. Be Confident & Smart: Don’t feel underrated if you miss out on some questions. Attempt only the questions which you are confident about. Be smart enough to avoid lengthy or time-consuming questions. Don’t Take the stress and solve the question paper by keeping calm. Also, have proper sleep before the examination in order to reach the examination centre on time. And it will keep you relaxed as well.