Current Affairs is a very important section in the competitive examination as it plays a very important role in getting a good score. The candidate needs to stay updated by tracking down national and international events on regular basis. No one can prepare for this section overnight. You need to keep learning every day on regular basis. You need to keep an eye on what is happening around. You need to build a hobby to keep checking out different sources of information. You cannot learn everything but if you are preparing for bank exams you need to find out the relevant and important topics amidst a lot of information coming every day.

You cannot rely on a single source or a single book as it will not work for you. You must refer different rich sources in order to prepare for the exams. You need to keep checking ongoing events and news from all around the world with national or international importance having capabilities to affect the national or international politics, economy or social scenario should be noted. There are many sources of information that you can use for information which will help you to prepare for current affairs and general awareness. Some of the very important sources are listed below:

  • Newspapers: It is the oldest but very powerful and rich source of information. Newspapers tell you what’s happening around the world on regular basis. And the main thing is that you get valid and authenticated source there. You find enough details of everything about every topic in the newspaper and that really increases your general awareness. And second, important thing is that it helps you improve your reading skills as well as your vocabulary as newspapers use rich vocabulary. my first choice is The Hindu to go with.
  • Banking preparation books and magazines: Keep reading good books and magazines that are coming out in the last five years dealing with banking preparation as result of the boom in the industry and regular recruitment in the sector. These books and magazines is a rich source of information about the news and events worldwide and provide a thorough reading opportunity. By reading different books and magazines there are chances to cover more topics as the information is endless.
  • Current affairs portals and Applications: Portals and mobile applications can really help you a lot in your exam preparations. There are many portals and mobile applications that provide current affairs for bank exams month wise. But you need to find those portals where you can find valid and authentic Information. At IQRace you can find daily current affairs for your bank exams. Important thing is that iIQRace is a portal where we take reference from The Hindu and from different valid sources. You can even download mobile app from play store that provides a very simple interface to easily go through.
  • News channels: Television news channel gives you information in audio and video that helps you to remember and understand the topics easily. Keep following important news on regular basis. Special news programmes and feature documentary or stories could also be very helpful to understand the news events in detail. But it’s important to find out good news channels to get relevant information. Following are the channels for quality news, views, and current affairs:
  • DD News
  • Lok Sabha TV
  • Rajya Sabha TV 
    These are the authentic sources of information and can completely be relied upon. They present news in Hindi, English, and Urdu so one can note the timings of programs/bulletins as per his language preference and watch them. Even if you watch news programs in a language which is not your preferred language, it adds value to your knowledge base as nothing unimportant is presented on these channels.
  • Get into discussions: We should not avoid it as it is really helpful sometimes to involve in discussions to find the best of information which you have no idea about. This again prepares you for group discussion segment in bank exams. You need to build good listening skills to be good in discussions.
  • Use the power of the Internet: Internet, is the biggest source of information, there you can find plenty of information in digital format. More and more news is being digitalized day by day. Newspapers, magazines, and other paper related news platforms are turning to digital forms. Blogs, social media platforms, journals, current affairs and news websites are the sources that can really help the candidates to build strong foundations in their general awareness.