Giving employment to the rural people is the prime aim of the government hand in order to will also ensure smooth implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in the coming months of FY 2018-19, 23,147 crores are released to various States/UTs. The funds, besides clearing all wage and payment liabilities of the previous year, will also ensure smooth implementation of the scheme in the coming months of FY 2018-19. In line with the commitment of Central Government towards the release of funds by 10th April 2018, the Ministry released Rs. 14,995 crore for wages and Rs. 8,152 crore for material expenditure under MGNREGS. This release includes the amount pending as liability for the work done in the last weeks of FY 2017-18. The States/UTs have been advised to ensure that all the pending liabilities are duly cleared. The Ministry is closely monitoring the compliance. It is important to mention here that the Central Government has an initial budget provision of Rs. 55,000crore in FY 2018-19 which is the highest since the inception of the programme. Last year the initial budget provision was Rs. 48,000crore which was revised upwards during the later stages.